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In order to talk about Translation Service Providers, you must first know what the job is all about.

Translation Service Providers (TSP) have been around for several years now, they are sometimes referred to as Translation Agencies that offer their translation services to clients. Sometimes they also offer other related jobs such as interpretation or localization or even social coaching solutions, it all depends on the company and what their client population is.

When an individual is Translating they are creating a process of ‘searching’ the words of one text in any particular language and turn it into a text in any other particular language. Everything can be translated, from books to magazines or even Search Engine marketing adds, if there is a word then it can also be translated.

A lot of times the Translation Service Providers also offer something called ‘’Localization’’. This is when their translation services are defined by the nuances of a particular nation, group, cultural background or geographical area. For example, if Translating into French, the Translation Service Provider will focus on where the language is spoken and the overall context of the piece in order to produce an accurate translation and localization.