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South America is definitely a land of opportunities. There are several reasons why the Translation Market size is increasing in South America, and it is definitely changing its dynamics and offering new and exciting opportunities to prospective international clients and investors.

Some of the major changes that this market is facing are the new technologies that is continuously presented to this area, while also an increase of international companies that are looking forward to developing commercial ties to the South America area.  

Continue reading to find out some of the reasons to keep an eye on in the non-stop growing Translation Market in South America:

Did you know that more than 400 million people around the world speak Spanish as their first language? And 300 million of them come from Latin America?

If you have ever heard a person from Spain speak in Spanish and then  immediately after you hear a person from any country in Latin America say exactly the same phrase, then you will soon realize how different they sound.

Even though it is the same language, there are some distinct differences between the Spanish from Spain and the Spanish from Latin America. In fact, it is like saying that there are differences between the English in England or in North America.