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Success Stories

A Tool indispensable for Cross-border EC Multilingualization

Mandarake Co., Inc.
Mandarake Co., Inc.
Multilingualization ​​of E-commerce Websites
Introduction Purpose
Overseas Expansion of E-commerce Website
Cutting cost of translation
Introduction Effect
Dramatic improvement in oversea total revenue ratio
Reference Plan
YarakuZen Company Plan

The Only Secondhand Bookstore

Mandarake Corporation, which develops eleven retailing stores and E-commerce websites nationwide dealing with products for collectors. It is famous for its variety of goods including goods for experts and its high-quality selling service, and some enthusiasts also claim that there must be nothing that Mandarake does not have. In recent years, Mandarake increasingly gathers the attention from overseas, and cross-border ECs and voluntarily hosted online auctions become popular instantly.



急増する海外ユーザーを見過ごすことは大きな収益機会を失うことにつながる一方、この状況を 改善するような適切な翻訳ソリューションを見つけることもできずにいました。 なぜなら、まんだらけ様の取り扱う商品には一品ものが多く含まれるため、機械翻訳ではうまく 情報が伝えられず、一方で膨大な品数を取り扱うため、毎日2,000以上追加される商品の翻訳を いちいち翻訳者に依頼するような形ではコストがかかり過ぎてしまうためです。

Want to Reduce Cost and Time for Cross-border EC Multilingualization

"We have been selling producpts to overseas customers on our e-commerce website for around 15 years. We initially released English version, and then extended other support languages such as French, etc. However as the number of products increased, the time and cost of translation increased intensively; consequently, it became impossible to translate all the product information in all languages. As a result, only the title of the product was translated into English, but the contents were still in Japanese. Although the overseas needs of Japanese animation goods and comics are rising, it becomes necessary to translate product information in several languages. This became our prime challenge of how to multilingualize without spending time and cost."

Mandarake Co., Inc.


success-stories-mandarake.毎日追加・更新される商品情報をAPIを利用してまんだらけ様用にカスタマイズしたヤラクゼン の翻訳エンジンに送り、機械翻訳の翻訳結果をまんだらけ様のサイトに戻す仕組みを構築しまし た。

success-stories-mandarake.毎日追加・更新される商品情報をAPIを利用してまんだらけ様用にカスタマイズしたヤラクゼン の翻訳エンジンに送り、機械翻訳の翻訳結果をまんだらけ様のサイトに戻す仕組みを構築しまし た。 機械翻訳で得られた結果を外国語が得意な複数の社員が空き時間ごとに翻訳をするフローにする ことで、下記3つを実現しました。
(1) 多言語サイトへの、追加された商品情報のスピーディーな反映
(2) 機械翻訳と人間による翻訳を組み合わせることで得られたコストと翻訳品質のバランス
(3) 翻訳結果をフレーズとして蓄積していくことによる独自翻訳エンジンの品質向上

Operating Cost & Security are our Determinants

"In order to write articles that appeal to native customers in a short time, we first tried Machine Translation such as Google Translate and Weblio, but translation accuracy was not high. Therefore, we participated the exhibition of translation services, but there was no translation service targeting at proper nouns on anime and characters. For example, even the name "Tezuka Osamu " was not properly reflected in machine translation. After that, we found YarakuZen. YarakuZens machine translation has the self-learning function by registering phrases and terms by users, so we decided to introduce it. Despite the flexibility of coping with functional customization for our EC website, the operating cost is low compared with other services. Moreover, it is easy to use. Since we manage customer information, YarakuZen is considered as the best service in consideration of security. "

Mandarake Co., Inc.

Overseas Revenue Rises from 15% to 40%

"Our translation team is using Company Plan of YarakuZen, but since the performance of machine translation is quite satisfying, employees other than the translation team sometimes use it as well. As the number of YarakuZen users increases, the efficiency of translation work progresses more rapidly. Thus, after introducing YarakuZen, overseas total revenue ratio rose to 40% while it was 15% before. The effect that searching results are shown in local language directly leads to the upward increase on purchasing rate. The product information displayed in the online auction held six times a year is also translated by YarakuZen, and there is a great evaluation from home and abroad every round. "

YarakuZen applied for Customer Support

"In the past 5-6 years, orders in Southeast Asia have been increasing corresponding to the needs in Europe and the United States. Especially in Thailand, the number of orders in one month sometimes exceeds USs. Afterwards, we plan to extend more support languages of our e-commerce website. In addition, since it is quite surprising that Chinese customers tend to have some refusals to English website, we try to heighten the accuracy by utilizing the self-learning function of accelerated machine translation. Currently, multilingual customer support is generally implemented at each store, but we plan to simplify it by registering the standard phrases of inquiries. Meanwhile, we also want to accumulate data such as customer information and to accomplish CRM that does not stress overseas customers. "