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YarakuZen Company Plan

When you subscribe to YarakuZen's Company Plan, you gain the added convenience of having your translation documents and data files automatically saved to your company account. Plus, you gain the flexibility of sharing and reusing your data with your team.

Giving your staff more tools to handle and automate translations makes it even easier for them to correspond with each other and with everyone you do business with. Just think how much time and money you'll end up saving.

Company Plan features


With the Company Plan, YarakuZen gives you the ability save the following data and text to your company account - automatically:

  • Files and documents
  • Sentences
  • Words and phrases

YarakuZen saves all pronouns, industry terminology and more, making new foreign language text easier than ever to create. You'll never lose your work again. Plus, you'll save tons of time when you share and reuse content with your colleagues.

And, as an added bonus, YarakuZen gives you the freedom to create document templates that you can use over and over again.

Order Professional translation

When you need top quality translations, there's no substitute for a professional translator. You'll work with one of our project coordinators, who will analyse your documents and find you the most suitable translator for the job. You can learn more at our Professional translation page.

Ongoing user support

Your Company plan includes user training for all new account members. Plus, we're happy to provide ongoing user support for as long as you stay with us.

Advantages and Effects

1. Increase productivity

When your translation data - documents, sentences and phrasing - is automated, all your future translations can be done with greater speed and accuracy.

2. Cost savings

By collecting and reusing your data, you're saving time and money on today's project and tomorrow's. It's a no-brainer.

3. Raise your team's foreign language IQ

By creating and sharing multilingual document templates, you're empowering your users to instantly respond to foreign language inquiries with minimal manual input. Even if they have no foreign language skills, they'll be able to communicate more freely than ever before. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

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Some of our clients

Opt Inc.

Primarily uses YarakuZen for creating client proposals. Opt Inc. also compiled a dictionary for unifying industry-specific phrases and use YarakuZen as a team in various day-to-day activities.

(Read more) Labo Co., Ltd.

Uses YarakuZen for operations within Europe and Asia, primarily for email correspondence and other types of communication with customers.

Midtown Wealth Advisors

Used for the translation of regular reports to US financial institutions. After using crowdsourced translation, their in-house translator edits and finalizes translations, making the process significantly faster.

Fibergate Inc.
Fibergate Inc.

Provides WiFi networks for foreign tourists coming to Japan and uses YarakuZen for creating various language versions of their WiFi service website. Also for translating content for tourists, such as information about accommodation and shopping.



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