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Combine the best of machine and human translation

When you need to translate large volumes of data, you have several options. The trouble is, they all fall short. Here's how:

  • Translation agencies will eat you up with fees over time

  • Machine translation alone lacks the accuracy you need

  • Having your staff handle it will likely burn up more resources than it's worth

YarakuZen combines the best of machine and human translation, giving you speed, quality and pricing you can feel good about. You can start revolutionizing your company's translation efforts today.

Examples of Uses

Large-scale translation services include:

  • Product data for E-commerce sites
  • Restaurant/SPA/etc. menu texts
  • News articles and journals
  • Traveller reviews
  • Addresses and other location data


Combine machine and human translation
Combine machine and human translation

Automatic translation. Crowdsourced translation. Professional translation – YarakuZen brings you the benefits of all three. Your secret weapon for skyrocketing your team's productivity and getting a jump on your competition.

Boost your translation accuracy
Boost your translation accuracy

By adding dictionary data into your account and introducing cleaner source data to each of your projects, you've got the power to maximize the accuracy and speed of your automated translations.

Fast, low-cost crowd translation
Fast, low-cost crowd translation

If speed and price are your top priorities, why not take advantage of YarakuZen’s crowdsourced translation service? It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And hey, small orders are often ready in less than an hour.

For larger projects with a tight deadline, you can crowdsource the crucial parts and auto-translate the full text. This ensures the most critical sections get done fast and are still saved with the full automated translation. YarakuZen's got your back.

We thought of everything
We thought of everything

YarakuZen answers your real-time translation needs by making it easy to reuse and repurpose your translation data. You've got a powerful asset for future projects right at your fingertips.

(To learn more about integrating your system with the translation application, please refer to this page.)

Inquire about translation services for big data

One of several methods for large volume translation

Initial translation
1. Document analysis

Reduce the amount you translate by unifying the wording of text with the same meaning.

2. Initial translation

Manually translate proper nouns and other crucial words and phrases.

3. Automatic translation

After verifying the accuracy of crucial sections, use auto-translate to instantly translate the document at no cost.

How to use
(Option 1) Use it through system integration

Integrate your system with the YarakuZen application. Auto-translate updated data.
Automate the translation of updated data. (Click here to learn more about system integration)

(Option 2) Let your staff use YarakuZen manually

Upload or input the translatable document(s) into YarakuZen. After auto-translating the document(s), you can freely update the translations, translate extra document parts, translate to other foreign languages, etc.

(Option 3) Use YarakuZen's crowd translation function

Upload or input the translatable document(s) into YarakuZen. Use the low-cost crowdsourced translation function to save time.

Examples of use

E-Commerce sites
Mandarake Inc.

As part of their overseas sales strategy, Mandarake integrated their system with YarakuZen for product data translation.

Mandarake's product data translation is automated through YarakuZen. After automation, their staff edits the translations in YarakuZen, creating a unified translation database.

(Click here to learn more about system integration.)

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Undisclosed company (a leading sales company)

This B2B company contracted YarakuZen for a large project to create a basic infrastructure for their E-commerce data. The project included translating roughly 250,000 products into multiple languages. Optimizing the use of human and machine translation, YarakuZen helped this client save 90% over using conventional human translation services.
(Project length: 4 months; Est cost: 20 million yen)

Translation of menus
Undisclosed company (a leading beverage company)

YarakuZen helped this client translate the menus for dozens of their stores into English and Chinese. The project involved employing teams of native-speaking staff to edit and finalize the translations and create a multilingual database.
(Project length: 1 month; Est. cost: 1.5 million yen)

Translation of establishment names, address data
Undisclosed company (a leading infrastructure company)

YarakuZen worked with this client to translate a Japanese document database into multiple languages. The project involved auto-translating establishment names and address data for foreign-language-speaking residents and visitors to Japan,. Number of characters: 15,000,000, professional translators: 30, technical experts: 3.
(Project length: 2 weeks; Est cost: 10 million yen)

Translating content for tourists
Undisclosed company (a leading publishing company)

YarakuZen helped this client create a multilingual database with content for tourists. The project involved creating the parameters for translating a variety of Japanese pronouns for public institutions, stores, products, customs, areas, people.
(Project length: 2 months; Est. cost: 6 million yen)

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